J58 Jet Engine Test Stand (SR-71 Blackbird)

This engine is used in the SR-71 aircraft, which currently holds all world speed/altitude records. This cell was unique in that a slave jet engine was used to generate hot inlet air to the J58 and a fuel heater provided hot fuel to the engine. This simulated engine operation up to 2000 mph.

The test cell was refurbished by EDF under a turnkey contract for design, construction and checkout. EDF demolished the overhead cable trays plus all control and data system cabling from the control room to the test cell and slave engine.  EDF designed, fabricated, and installed all new cabling, control circuits, patch panels, and cabinets. EDF provided engineers and technicians to certify and activate the refurbished test cell and monitor the successful first firing of the J58 engine in the modernized test cell.